Zoé Fontaine Dessin d'Architecture et de Paysage

From using traditional techniques when I started 20 years ago, creating perspective with rulers, pins, pencils and gouache for the colour, and also using collages , I went to using more and more the digital tools which have finally replaced the old processes.
However the resulting image from this transition is not synthetic The digital tool is only a tool, like pencils, rulers, erasers, brushes, glue....
The result is a   Digital Painting .
The gradual work to compose and transform each image, express the material, and organise the data in order to express precisely and clearly the essence of the project... all this work has not changed much. Only the tool has changed, which brings, among other things, much more flexibility.
And the traditional methods have not disappeared altogether.
I use to modify the unrealistic rigidity of the digital method. That same precision brought by the digital is often counterproductive: sometimes it’s better to remain less distinct ... It can happen that three pencil lines are faster and more evocative than laborious digital work.
As well as the photos of material taken over the years, and all the other elements I use to create images, a library with thousands of plants and trees allows me to bring to life the landscapes that surround the projects.

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